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Financial & Support Service

Is your Board of Directors a little more "hands on?"

Does your condominium corporation have only a few units?

Do you really only want administrative support, and, a condominium management expert from time to time to answer questions? 

Maybe a Financial and Support model is more your style.

Here, our firm will collect common fees and prepare financial statements for you just as we would in the Full-Service model.  These statements are sent to the Board each and every month along with any noteworthy entries, and, of course, our opinion on the financial health of the Corporation.

The manager and Board may meet only quarterly or semi-annually.

The Board will enjoy monthly direction, by email, about what could or should be happening that month.  We will suggest the Board "go for a walk" to review certain things at the property, or, to consider one thing or another.  These Board Bulletins are most usually tied to the seasons and months they are issued.

We will still, of course, work closely with your auditor and will be happy to attend your Annual General Meeting.

While Owners will work with the Board directly with service requests, etc., we still offer emergency service response to the Board and Owners at your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  For Boards who are doing a little more work, the Financial and Support model presents management-related cost savings opportunities for the Corporation.

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